Deep Blue | Marfa

marfa3The clear, clean sky over Marfa is a deep shade of blue, striking in its intensity. The town is small; a visitor can easily walk from one end of town to the other in an hour’s time. The horizon, however, seems infinite, unobstructed by a city skyline and stretching effortlessly across the desert. It’s impossible to get lost in this small town, but very likely for one to get lost in the deep blue sky overhead.


This small town is quite the drive through Texas. Even if you fly into Midland, the closest city, you still have to drive three hours through the mountains and into the desert. It’s hard to get there, but once I’m there, it’s even harder for me to leave.


These small towns out in the Texas desert provide a sanctuary where thoughts can stretch with the horizons and rise with the desert mountains up toward the deep blue sky.

In response to The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge: “Depth.”


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