The Name: Fox, Tumbleweed, and Journey Proud

roadPeregrinate. Perambulate. To traverse or to trek. To move from point A to point B.

The word journey is richer than trip or vacation. A journey isn’t only about where you go, but what you learn and who you become in the end. The story of The Odyssey is the hero’s journey, not his arrival.

A journey, whatever kind of journey it may be, has the power to transform.

Whether it’s a journey to another country, training for a race, or a simple walk through the woods, I want to examine, through writing, the various journeys I am on.

What is Journey Proud? It’s the gleeful excitement a traveler feels the night before her journey begins or while traveling towards her destination. We are all on a journey of some sort, and I, for one, am journey proud.

And why Fox and Tumbleweed? My trail name is yellow fox, and I’ve always admired the tumbleweed.

Wherever life takes me, whichever journey I am on, I’ll need characteristics of both—the fox’s cunning and agility to conquer obstacles and the tumbleweed’s willingness to uproot and roll with the wind.


One thought on “The Name: Fox, Tumbleweed, and Journey Proud

  1. Thanks for that explanation of a poetic and evocative title – I was wondering! Many thanks also for following my blog – it’s truly appreciated. I’ll certainly be dropping by here to check on your journey proud.


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